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Programme Management Clients


The following is a list of some previous SMOS PM clients:

IBM undertook a new transition & transformation outsourced contract with a major UK insurance company. SMOS helped with the integration of TUPE transferred staff into IBM, undertook a programme delivery Assessment Brief on Solvency II programme.

SMOS subsequently was responsible for the inception and delivery of a remedial programme undertaking major repair of mission critical insurance system and the management of a programme to migrate a marketing database to new Smart Analytics System appliances in a new data centre.

Camelot was undergoing a huge restructuring process and replacing core computer systems in preparation for operation under the third licence, due to start in February 2009. SMOS helped design the new business organisation and the implementation of the new systems and oversaw the creation of a new web site and the installation of POS furniture in 28,000 retail outlets.

The DTI was experiencing difficulties on a large programme to refresh its eDRM (Electronic Documents & Records Management) system and SMOS was brought in to manage the programme to a successful and speedy conclusion.

VOSA was rationalising a group of Business Change projects into a portfolio of programmes, and at the same time introducing a Programme Management Office and an MSP/PRINCE2 culture into the organisation.
The new programmes would focus on Shared Services, e-Enablement and improved Customer Experience.
SMOS received a three-pronged brief; programme rescue of the Customer Experience Programme, giving it a firm foundation from which to move forward. Assessment of the state of all three extant programmes and their project portfolios, and to provide expert input to the PMO as it established governance procedures.

Four Assembly Sponsored Public Bodies - QUANGOS - were being merged into the Government Secure Intranet - GSI - under the wing of the Welsh Assembly. The programme had only two months left to implementation and confidence was not high that it would deliver. SMOS was brought in to help identify where the issues were and what could be done to help ensure a successful implementation.
Companies House was replacing its core database - a legacy system on a hierarchical database moving to a relational database on multi-tier architecture. The multi-million pounds programme had hit difficulties and SMOS helped with governance and management issues to bring the programme back on track and receive an improved rating from a subsequent OGC Gateway review.
SMOS then moved on to establish an equally large programme to incorporate the changes necessitated by the Company Law Reform Act - the biggest single Bill ever to be put before Parliament.

SMOS managed the delivery of a new Computer Based Training and context-sensitive help application, to be used in three call centres. The successful introduction of this application (Knowledge Solutions) is expected to save Orange UK around £750,000 per annum in reduced training costs and a reduction in the number of escalated calls.
SMOS was then called upon for the assessment, selection and purchase of a new application providing remote support for smart devices. Several products were entering the market aimed at providing better support for the new breed of smart phones. This project involved assessing the options and the vendors and the subsequent trialling, and negotiation to purchase the best option, for use by a dedicated customer support team. Its introduction is expected to save Orange £2m per annum in reduced length of support calls, reduced number of No Fault Found returns, reduced churn, an increase in single call resolution and increase data traffic.

LBTH needed a repository of its core data relating to people, organisations and land & property to underpin a Siebel 7.5 Contact Centre deployment as part of its eGovernment programme. The Core Data Project had been poorly planned from the outset, and SMOS was brought in to bring it back on track to meet some very tight deadlines. The new Core Data Repository incorporates the Local LPG and links to the authority's GIS system as well as the National LPG.

SMOS was asked to contribute to the programme to incorporate best practice from around Europe and beyond when the France Telecom takeover of Orange merged many different mobile telecommunications companies. The brief was to deliver and implement a world-class supply chain model. The project brought together senior managers from five countries most of the work being done in the Paris Offices, working with predominantly France Telecom staff.

The EDS programme involved establishing a call-centre for Lloyds/TSB. EDS was to deliver everything from a fully equipped building through hardware and computer systems, to staff training. It was a huge programme, spread across five sites with a budget in excess of £200m. SMOS was brought in to assist with programme governance and the mentoring of fledgling Project Managers.